10 Best Comic Book Contest 2021

By | February 13, 2021

Comic Book Contest 2021 – Despite the turmoil in the world, reading books turns out to be a great pastime for those who have been at home.  Not only did comics and graphic novels survive, but thrived with many new footprints and publishers leaving their mark and the children’s storyboard publishing exploded.  The creators we’ve seen are promising newcomers with a fully realized work of exciting crafts.  The old cartoonists are back with books that cemented their reputation.  Superheroes keep their stories that show emotion and depth.

   The comic book contest is a pathway to bring students from different cultural backgrounds and arts to compete for creativity and speed.

10 Best Comic Book Contests 2021

·         TinyPower Independent Comic Book Contest

  To participate, you need to present a short comic story of any generation.  A minimum of 50 entries are required to start the contest.  The more you contribute, the higher the pot is, and the higher your winnings!  With a minimum of 50 applications submitted, and a minimum of $ 15 in entrance fees, 1st place can get around $ 50, with 2nd to 10th place receiving around $ 5, plus a copy of the winners book!

  Winners will be required to provide a link of high-resolution images of your comics pages.  (Preferably in cmyk format for printing, with reasonable standard animation dimensions an admin will fine-tune the format with printers.)

  The organizer accepts all types of 5-20 pages in length.  No content restrictions within good taste.  Only completed storyboards will be accepted as submission.

  Evaluation criterion:

  The organizer is looking for good writing and good illustration.  Winners will be announced within 30 days of reaching the December 31 deadline (assuming they receive a minimum of 50 entries), or when we reach the maximum of 100 submissions.

  Entrance fees:

  Entrance fee contributions are $ 15 minimum.  If you contribute $ 40 or more, a real copy of the winners book will be mailed to you as a gift whether you win or not!  This wouldn’t be a 30-page comic, it would be an exclusive anthology book of over 100 pages!  (The number of final pages depends on the winners’ submissions.)

  Who can participate?  Creators will not be screened, and anyone wishing to submit and pay the subscription fee is encouraged to do so.

  Award: 10 winning stories will be printed together and winners will be awarded cash prizes.

Visit Official Website

·         Generation Equality Comic book Contest

  The comic competition “Generation Equality” was recently opened to participate and as part of the UN Women campaign “Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future” This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Fourth International Women’s Conference in Beijing, inviting everyone around the world  World to visualize their vision of what a generation for gender equality looks like.

  UN Women, in partnership with the European Commission, Belgium, France and Mexico, as well as in partnership with Cartooning for Peace, is organizing a global comics and animation competition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Pioneering Declaration and Platform for Action, which outlines how to remove the systemic barriers that prevent women  To participate on an equal footing in all areas of life.

  The competition is part of UN Women’s campaign “Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future”, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women that was held for the first time in Beijing in 1995.


  First, second and third prize winners will have the opportunity to attend the virtual opening of the Forum in Paris in early June 2021, and will be among the change-makers of this generation.  In addition, a cartoon exhibition will be held for all finalists during the Generation Equality Forum in Paris.

  Prizes will be:

  • First prize: 1,200 euros
  • Second Prize: 750 euros
  • Third Prize: 500 euros

  Visit Official Website

  OSTEN Skopje is proud to announce the 53rd World Anime Fair – Skopje 2021 and lke invites every year to present semi-professional and amateur authors and cartoonists from all over the world.  Professional, semi-professional and amateur cartoonists can participate in one or more original cartoons, parodies, and comics / strips.

  Theme and style for 2021 are free of charge and left to author’s choice.  The organizer invites all participants to attend the exhibition opening ceremony and award ceremony in September 2021 in Skopje, North Macedonia.  It is free to apply if your work remains in the OSTEN group.  If you want to return your (non-select) business, a fee of $ 10 applies.  There is no entry fee!  There is no entry fee to participate!

  Who can participate?   World Cartoon Show – Skopje 2021 is open to all professional or semi-professional and amateur cartoonists worldwide.


  This year, OSTEN Skopje will award a $ 1,500 Grand Prix for Lifetime Achievement (sculpture), $ 1,000 First Prize (and painting), one second prize of $ 500 (and a painting), five (5) three awards and five (5) prizes.  Especially in the form of shields, and the Cico Award for a Macedonian cartoonist.  Award-winning authors receive the appropriate certification and a hard copy of the catalog via regular mail.  Their business remains in the OSTEN Group.  For each edition of World Animation Fair, OSTEN also publishes an exclusive catalog of cartoonists’ selected works.

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·         Hiiibrand Awards 2021

  The eleventh Hiiibrand International Brand Design Award was opened, recently, for entries, with the goal of improving brand design development while awarding those who apply themselves to excellent work around the world.

  The 11th Hiiibrand International Brand Design Award brings together identity, logo and packaging design work for organizations around the world, design studios, design firms, designers and technical design majors with the aim of Hiiibrand’s use of this platform to explore more outstanding design talents around the world, award excellent design work, and strives to promote the development of  A brand design career.  The Hiiibrand Awards 2020 have two levels, Professional and Student, each set up in three categories – Identity, Logo and Packaging.

  Professional level

  The nominated works must be identity, logo or package designs, created from January 2018 to March 2021, but without quantities restrictions.  Entries from each country are eligible.  Candidates can be individuals, design firms, or organizations with some design work.  We will not accept any bidding or rejections.  Concept work and / or work not performed is not eligible at this level.

  Student’s level

  The nominated works must be identity, logo or package designs, created from January 2018 to March 2021, but without quantities restrictions.  Entries from each country are eligible.  Works must be created by students or created during their education period, which works or drafts can be executed.

  Winners will be announced at the end of September 2021.

  Entrance fees:

  Enty’s Professional Fee starts at $ 24 and depends on the category offered.  Entry for students starts at $ 12 and also depends on the category offered.  Each school delegation or teacher that offers more than 10 works will receive an additional 20% discount.

  Who can participate?   Entries from each country are eligible.  Candidates can be individuals, design firms, or organizations.  Student class works must be created by or created during their education period, which works or drafts can be executed.


  The award will be determined from the gold award, silver award, bronze award and merit award for the professional and student level.  Besides, there are several awards, which are 1 major award and 5 jury awards for professional and student level respectively.

  Winners of the Grand Prize, Jury Prizes, Gold Awards, and Silver and Bronze Awards will receive two copies of the certificates awarded.

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