Best 9 US Embassy scholarships available to Africans in 2021

By | May 12, 2021

Have you nurtured the desire to study in the USA? As an African, did you find this vision unrealistic? Or they may have considered giving up. So don’t worry, here are the top 9 U.S. embassy exchanges for Africans in 2021.

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If you have chosen to study in any capacity in the United States – scholarships, scholarships, internships, competitions, grants, and scholarships. Then the 9 best exchanges of the U.S. Embassy for Africans in 2021 are certainly for you.

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U.S. Embassy scholarships for Africans are created to reduce the financial burden of African college education. These scholarships are sponsored by multinationals such as COCA-COLA, PEPSI, TARGET, MICROSOFT and many others.

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These scholarships are sent in cash or to host institutions, and are awarded on the basis of merit or necessity.

Here are some other scholarships listed on our website, you can also ask

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The list below shows the 9 best U.S. Embassy scholarships for Africans, but there are also so many courses to choose from in the U.S. Embassy scholarships for Africans.

1.Harvard University MBA Stipendium for International Student 2021

2.2005 Honda Trx400

3.American College of Surgeons International Scholarship 2021

4.Onsi Sawiris Stipendienprogramm 2021

5.Humphrey Scholarship Program

6.MMMF-Stipendien fer Frauen aus Entwicklungslandern

7.AAUW International Scholarship

8.7Up Harvard Business School Stipendium

9.Campbell Scholarship for Women Practitioners in Developing Countries


The Harvard MBA Scholarship is sponsored by the Boustany Foundation and is awarded for a period of two years. It is also one of the most prestigious programmes and being taught at a well-known university makes it more serving.

Host/suitable country: Harvard University MBA Scholarship for International Students is admitted to the United States and is open to students from all nations. It is therefore a scholarship from the U.S. Embassy for African Students.

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Level: master level.

Scholarship value: The Harvard MBA scholarship is valued at $90,000 ($45,000 a year). It also covers the cost of the winner’s education, accommodation and travel.

Application deadline: May 31


The FulBright Foreign Scholarship allows international students to study and conduct research in United States and American universities. This U.S. Information Scholarship for Africans is offered to at least 4,000 students per year.

Host/participation country: it is hosted in the United States. The authorization depends on your country. Check out your country for detailed permission.

Level: Master and Ph.D.

Deadline for applications: deadline is October

Institution Awards: American universities and universities

Field of study: Fulbright The scholarship for foreign students is not limited to one course, it pushes everyone to get on board and apply regardless of the field of study.
Number of awards: Fulbright Foreign Students program is available to more than 4,000 international students

The value/duration of the scholarships:

This is a fully funded scholarship that takes into account bursary funding and air traffic control. Housing budget and your health insurance included. All these benefits are for everyone, thanks to your study period.



This U.S. Embassy Scholarship for African Students is specifically for young surgeons from countries other than the United States and Canada. It is also for candidates who have shown a willingness to do teaching and research.


This scholarship from the U.S. Embassy of Africans is awarded to the university through the legacy of Paul R. Hawley, MD (FACS Hon), former director of the university.

Host/hotel country: the host country is the United States and young surgeons from countries other than the United States or Canada can apply for this grant.

Level: Level is community

Worth scholarship: The scholarship is worth $10,000.

Deadline: Applications expire on 1 July.


This scholarship programme was created as part of a commitment to promote and achieve excellence of Orascom Construction. This assistance is aimed at African researchers.

Host country/selective country: Host is the US and is available to Egyptian students.

Level: It is available for first and postgraduate studies.

Value of bursaries: The scholarship provides a full study allowance, housing benefit, travel expenses and health insurance.

Application deadline: Application ends on 31 July


This scholarship programme was created as part of a commitment to promote and achieve the excellence of Orascom Construction. This assistance is aimed at African researchers.

Host/select country: the host is the United States and is available to Egyptian students.

Level: This is available for the first and n5. HUMPHREY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM

The U.S. Applicants to the Humphrey Fellowship program in Chad are encouraged to apply.
This scholarship is a fully funded bursary that lasts one year. It aims to help mid-career professionals improve their professional skills.

Bursary value: The fair offers a full scholarship, housing allowance, travel expenses and health insurance.

Application deadline: July 31

Host/eligible country: It’s taken for people from Chad and the United States.

Type: The type of scholarship is the scholarship.

Value of bursaries: the bursary includes tuition and tuition fees at the host University, housing allowances.

Notice deadline: the deadline is June 30.


Margaret McNamara’s education grants were established in 1981. Their mission is to help women in developing countries seeking training to improve the lives of women and children in their countries.

Host/suitable country: The award is intended for women from developing countries studying in the United States.

Level: This is for the end of studies.

Stock market value: the stock market could reach $15,000

Deadline: Deadline expires in January


The International Federation of Women of the American Women’s Association of the University (AAUW) has been in existence since 1917. It is a scholarship from the U.S. Embassy for Africans who help women who study full-time or post-learning light in the United States.

Host/Union Countries: The study is being conducted in the United States for people who do not have U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Level: This is for a postgraduate degree.

Scholarship: Master/First Professional Diploma – $18,000

Promotion – US$20,000

Postdoctoral fellow – US$30,000

Application deadline: Nomination closes on 1 December


This U.S. Embassy Scholarship for Africans is offered by Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc to Nigerian students to pursue a master’s program in business management in the United States, especially at Harvard Business School.

Home/host country: The scholarship is planned for the United States and is available to Nigerians.

Level: This is for the post-cycle level (master).

Scholarship: The fair includes tuition, housing, a ticket to the U.S. to start the program and a return ticket at the end of the MBA program.

Filing deadline: The trading period is from December to January.

Application: Get admission from Harvard Business School, then send an email to the electronic copy of your admission letter to the official website.


The aim of this scholarship is to improve the educational careers of women in developing countries. So African women are entitled to make one.

Host/eligible countries: Women from developing countries can apply for this scholarship, which is admitted to the United States.

Level: The level is the community.

Scholarship: $4,500 a month of study, apartment and office.

Deadline: November 1

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